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What About Iggy?

Nick Young?  Are you kidding me?  Nick Young is the victim?   I mean, how is that possible? On what planet do some people spend most of their time?
If you haven’t heard, Nick Young is a player for the Los Angeles Lakers, he’s also the fiancée of rap superstar Iggy Azelia.  Recently, Nick confided in his Laker teammate, D’Angelo Russell that he’d be cheating on Iggy.  What Nick didn’t know though, was that D’Angelo was secretly recording this confession and actually played the recording back for the entire world, including Iggy, to see.
So, as a result of this secret recording, D’Angelo has somehow become the bad guy.  He has been dragged in the court of public opinion and the timelines of social media for betraying Nick’s trust.  People are inexplicably saying that it was Nick Young who trusted the wrong person; he was bamboozled and taken advantage of by a Judas he considered to be a friend.   In fact, the public outpouring of sympathy for Nick had grown so much that the Lakers actually had to hold a press conference about this foolishness. I mean, isn’t that crazy?  This dude Nick was admitting to cheating!  How could you ever feel sorry for a cheater?  I mean, I hate to be the one to call for the obvious question, but, what about Iggy?
Isn’t she the real victim here?   I mean, really; don’t you think that’s why she’s taken to the internet to make these ridiculous assertions that “Becky” with the “good hair” is a racist expression?  She knows better than that!  She’s upset because she’s been a victim of Becky, too! Only nobody came to her aid.  Her legions of fans and followers didn’t stalk her man’s side chicks with lemons and bees on social media.  You all left her all by her lonesome.  So, now, she’s taken to dissing Beyonce, because, well, she’s just a tiny bit jealous.  Her man cheated on her but now her man is the victim.
So,if nobody else will say it, I will.  Iggy, girl, “I’m sorry.”  I’m sorry that your man cheated on you.  I’m sorry that nobody cared.  I’m sorry that we seriously bought into to this “Bros before Hoes” foolishness (and that’s really quite tragic).  I’m sorry that even though  you’re a fiancee, you can still even be classified as a “hoe.”  I’m sorry that we still put burden of a successful relationship solely in the shoulders of a woman, because if we really took the feelings of women seriously, we’d be leaving lemons and stuff under Nick’s IG pictures, too. But we didn’t.  So I’m really sorry. And if nobody else has said it “SHAME on you, Nick Young!”
Now, let’s go grab a glass of lemonade (and please come OUT of your feelings).


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